3…2…1…Camera Ready!

Hello Honeybees, I was feeling a bit photogenic today. I’m not sure what I was going for but the turn out was great. I am often asked if I “think” I am a model or if I want to be one. The answer is no. I do not think of myself as a model, but I wouldn’t mind being one. I just enjoy taking pictures. Who doesn’t?


I Am in love with this look! I’m wearing a GAP long sleeve shirt, Aphrodite high waist jeans, and Timberland boots. All my accessories were gold. The hoop earrings, 3-in-1 Forever21 necklace, and loins head bracelet.  All gold everything? I think so.  I decided to wear my hair up in a high bun to capture my facial features. For make-up I didn’t do much, remember less is always more. I went sort of dark. I used black eyeliner and mascara, and my Burgundy931 lipstick to make it pop.

OriginalToday was a success in my book! What about you? What do you think? How would you rock this? Comment please.

Until next time!

According to Honey.


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