Express Yourself: Being Bold {Purple Edition}

I love who I am and who I am Becoming. I just turned 18 and I am a bit of a risk taker. I always take the road less traveled by, personally I enjoy it. I get bored with the basics wouldn’t you? Think outside of the box and take chances. We’ve all seen that quote post on Instagram that says “Be You Because everyone else is taken.” as Cliche` as it may sound, whoever said it was right. Be Yourself. Do things for YOU because what other people think does not matter. It really never will. In other words “Do you boo!”


Recently I Purchased a lipstick by the name of Electric Violet and I was very excited because my favorite color is purple. Now initially I bought the lipstick just because it was a shade of purple and to me it looked nice. I didn’t really think of how or where I would wear it. So… being Me, I Chose to wear it randomly.

On a day that I wanted to be comfortable yet cute I slapped on my Electric Violet lipstick and started my day at school. My outfit was laid back and casual. I wore charcoal gray jeggings with a plain white t-shirt. A purple bandana (to accent the lipstick), glasses with a black and purple frame, silver hoop earrings, a silver necklace, and a black beaded bracelet were my accessories.


I received many compliments and comments on the lipstick and several stares to go with them. People are so use to the “normal” reds and pinks that they refuse to accept anything new.  That’s how you miss out on life. I loved it! The fact that it is out of the ordinary and unexpected gave me life! Never be afraid to live a little….or a lot lol. What do you accept as the normal?

purplepurpleWhat’s your favorite color? How do you wear it?

Until next time honeybees!

According to Honey.






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