Shoes! : A Girl’s Best Friend

Hello HoneyBees,

I had the pleasure of accompanying my mother to the launch party of Essense Hill for Essense is a fashion stylist and fashion blogger. Her launch party consisted of great food and awesome fashion related games, one of which I won 3 pairs of shoes just for being able to fit a size 6 shoe. Lucky Me! Essense is also a Shoedazzle ambassador so the 3 pairs of shoes were sponsored by Shoedazzle. This was an awesome event and I was pleased to meet the wonderful, local blogger and fashion stylist Essense Hill of

One saturday afternoon I put together 2 cute and comfy outfits including 2 of the 3 gorgeous pairs of footwear.

I loved this look because I do not have a lot of blue clothing but that’s all the more reason to make it pop! I wore electric blue lipstick to complete this look.

This look was more cool/laid back and I loved this because the splash of purple gave me life!

What do you think? Don’t hesitate to comment! How would you do it and what would you do differently? Until next time honeybees! 


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