2014 AKA Cotillion Ball Recap

This year I had a chance to participate in the 2014 AKA Cotillion Program. It Was an all together great experience. I got to meet a variety of new girls and women who I hope to be as great as in the future. I also learned plenty of new things that were essential to living life. Throughout the process we had several different workshops we had to attend. Along with those workshops were, college/city tours, a weekend retreat, fundraisers, a high tea and a very memorable pink rose luncheon then the beautiful Cotillion itself. I can truly say I enjoyed myself . 

 The days leading up to this wonderful event were very stressful. You know the usual. You have to find the perfect princess dress, the right length, closed toed, white shoe and your elbow length, white gloves. Then you have to go to every rehearsal so you know all the dances step by step, like the back of your hand. We started rehearsals two months before the Cotillion but it was all worth it!

The day of the Cotillion we had an early morning rehearsal that lasted until noon, after that we had time to relax until 5pm that evening. My aunt and my mother helped me get ready for the long night ahead of me.

*Pause* I would just like to thank God himself for being on my side that night! Upon arriving to the event location my entire heel broke off of my shoe lol and I was panicking. We ran around looking for extra shoes until my final rehearsal. Luckily my aunt had super glue and I just ended up wearing my original heels. I’m sure no one could see my shoes, my dress was pretty long.

The ceremony began and the night went as planned. It was beautiful and fun I must admit. A lot of happy tears were shed that night but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

 I would like to thank everyone who supported me throughout this process and helped make this night a success.

Until next time Honeybees!


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