PROMzilla!!!! (Prom Recap)

Hello Honeybees,

Now we know prom is the night every girl dreams of along with her wedding day. It MUST be perfect! From having the perfect dress down to the shoes, hair, and make-up. We all know how this goes, so now I’m going to share my prom experience with you.

I had very high expectations for my prom dress. It had to be champagne, lace, and long with a slit on the left side. Yes, I know lol that’s very specific but it’s

 what I wanted. I started looking for my dress in January of 2015. Prom was April 25th 2015. Between January and April I had changed my prom dress about 3 different times. I am a picky one I must admit.

Finally In April I fell in love with a dress I found online. It was yellow but it came in champagne also. The dress was a one-shoulder gown with a lace top and chiffon bottom. It didn’t even have a slit and I still loved it! We ordered it and I waited very impatiently for this dress.

 About 2 weeks later the dress arrived. When I unboxed my dress it looked great BUT … (Yes, the big “but”) when I tried it on it looked atrocious, for lack of a better word. The dress fit me like a curtain…. A CURTAIN! (Now for those of you who don’t know me, I am a very petite young woman. So you could just imagine what the dress looked like as a curtain.) I called my best friend and cried my eyes out because at this point prom was a week away… This is what we call a “Promzaster”. I decided I wouldn’t go to prom at all if they couldn’t fix the dress. My mother kept telling me  to calm down as if I could. “I got you kid” she said mimicking the woman who tailored my dress. To my surprise Lee’s Tailors got the job done before prom and it looked beautiful might I add. This a miracle because after trying on that dress I thought all hope was lost.

The day of prom the pressure was definitely on! I got my hair done that morning so it would be fresh and prepared myself early because I tend to arrive fashionably late. My aunt did my make-up like always and I was on my way.

Prom2k15 was a HUGE success despite my hair frizzing because it decided to rain… I still thousands of pictures and enjoyed myself.

 1st BIG mistake: Online shopping for a prom dress in the same month as your prom. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT do that! make sure you have enough time to get alterations if needed. 

 2nd BIG Mistake: Doubting my mother. Never doubt your mother because it is true “Mama knows best!”

 Don’t be afraid to comment! Until next time Honeybees!


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