College Life

Hello My Honey Bees!

I know it has been a long while but guess what? I’m back!! I took a break from my blog to prepare for college and in doing so I ended up taking time off to focus on my first semester.

Upon Fall 2015 I started attending Saint Augustine’s University home of the mighty Falcons! First thing I encountered head first was adjustment. Adjustment has never been so hard for me. I’m sure every other college student would say the same. Being in a new environment, away from home and 95% independent can be very overwhelming. I was around a lot of people I didn’t know and I’m very anti-social. I met a few people during welcome week but I kept my distance. My first few weeks were really hard; I went to class and stayed in my room for the most part. Classes weren’t an issue at all. It took me a month to actually get out and get involved because I was so tired of staring at the walls in my room. I joined our Campus Activities Board (CAB), Falcon Poetry Club (FPC) and SAU Modeling troupe. Getting involved with the college community always helps. Staying active kept me sane. Within that first month I also went through 2 roommates. I now have no roommate, lucky me!

The second thing I encountered was the college fast lane. This includes parties and other “Turn Up” functions. It’s very hard not to get sucked into the college fast lane. You see upper classmen engaging in fun activities that you would also like to take part in but that’s not always the way to go. Now, I’m not a party person BUT I thought parties would help me adjust at the time which in a way they did. During my first semester I experienced my first College Homecoming and boy, was it interesting! The Campus Activities Board is in charge of if not all, most of the Homecoming events. Meaning members of CAB have to attend EVERY event, being an hour early and staying after to clean up. On top of being in CAB the SAU Modeling Troupe had a Fashion Show Competition (which we won by the way). During Homecoming I guess you could say I experienced a few sleepless nights.

Thirdly I encountered Time Management. Time management is a very big component in college. You have to know how to balance everything you’re taking on. This is one of the first things they tell you once you step foot on any college campus. Managing my time was not hard at all for me. I developed a routine once I knew all of my priorities. I was taking 6 classes. My classes Mon., Wed., Fri. ended by 2pm and by 2:15pm on Tues., and Thurs. I would sleep until 5:30pm get up for practice, eat, do quick work and be at practice by 6pm to get out by 9pm and finish the rest of my work after. It was a piece of cake.

My first semester went pretty well I may add. It wasn’t perfect of course but I’m not complaining. I grew to make friends, I passed all my finals and I managed my time well. One great motto that I learned to live by is that of the Dean of Women, Mrs. Brown “Education First, Extracurricular’s second, and a controlled social life third.”


Change is Good


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