Bad Instagram Habits To Leave In 2015

Disclosure: Reposting from Jael Custom Designs Lifestyle Blog. We came up with this Instagram list that I’m sharing.

This post stimulated from a hysterical event between my daughter and brother on Instagram. My daughter had just posted a few pictures on Instagram. My brother is in Oregon and we live in North Carolina. After my brother saw his nieces posts he decided to DM her and start a conversation. She replied but got irritated because he didn’t “Like” her photos that she just posted. Her Logic: The only reason he sent me a DM is because of the photos that I just posted. I don’t mind talking to him but, WHY DIDN’T HE LIKE THEM! I laughed hysterically because I thought it was funny and she was REALLY irritated behind this. So, I told her to just tell him how she felt and ask him to like the photos and she refused. Apparently in her mind it’s Instagram “Etiquette” to like a person’s photos before you slide into the DM’s for conversation. I still think it’s funny!

There are many that may agree with my daughter and others like me who would just brush it off. However, it got us thinking of some Instagram best practices and “Etiquette” to carry into the New Year! The following is a list that my daughter and I created as a guide when engaging on Instagram. I’m sure you can apply some of these to other social media platforms but, for all intents and purposes we are focusing on Instagram. Feel free to add any additional “bad habits” to leave behind in 2015 and good Instagram practices to our list. Have any of these Instagram improper practices ever happened to you?

1. DO NOT… DM someone immediately after they post a pic and NOT like their picture that was just posted on their Instagram Account. (We all know why this is #1!)

2. DON’T comment on a picture and NOT “Like” it! That really tears up some peoples nerves!

3. Don’t lurk and like a picture accidentally and then unlike it. Chances are they saw the notification already. Why are you stalking that account?!?!

4. DON’T be indirect if you are posting something about someone. Mention them or tag them in the post because chances are they’ll see it anyway and that will be a bigger issue. #NoShade

5. STOP stealing people’s photos and not giving proper photo credit! Use the Repost App, that’s what it’s for! #Regram

6. If someone takes a picture of you and you post it on Instagram, give them photo credit as your photographer. I’ve been guilty of this and now I know it irritates the photographer. (Especially if they are on instagram too!) #TagThem #MentionThem

7. DON’T follow a person and unfollow them 24-48 hours later! What’s the point?!?! There are apps like Crowdfire, InstaFollow and Followers + that will let them know you’ve unfollowed. If they clean their accounts and purge like I do, you’re sure to get an unfollow allowing the account holder to streamline their followers and who they follow on Instagram.

8. DON’T follow someone, then they follow you and then you unfollow them and block them! Why?!?! What’s the purpose of that?!?! Signed, Looking for answers…

9. DON’T keep posting the same photo, not even twice! Be Fresh, and keep new content on your Instagram page.

10. DON’T “Catfish” someone and post their photos as your own. That’s totally viloates someones privacy and please don’t do it with their children. I’ve seen some of these cases up close and personal and it’s not pretty.

Bonus: Don’t lurk on someones Instagram account and not like their photos especially if you happen to have a personal relationship with them and then bring up their photos in conversation. It could be a photo of a trip, food, product or event! Whatever… You look like a hater! You saw the photo, didn’t like it but can talk to them about it. Clearly you were paying attention and purposely didn’t like their photos. #StopHating


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