Introducing My Poetry

Hello Honeybees!!

I’ve contemplated putting my poetry on my blog for awhile now. It wasn’t until early this morning that I discovered a wonderful copyright service that ensured me great protection. Now I’m ready!

Here is one of the many poems that means the world to me. This poem is entitled “My Ode To Music”


My Ode To Music.


“When did you fall in love with music?”


When her melody captured my attention.

And her lyrics overtook my soul.

When she introduced me to poetry?


When she taught me the need to know?

When she held my hand through tragedies

and the memories back then.

When she helped me through heartache

or gave me the strength to love again.

When she wiped my tears after I had nothing left.


That’s when I fell in love.

When she became my life.

When she became me,

and I became her. Registered & Protected  I8BR-WDJF-NGSR-PM3V


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