Note To Self: You Are Your Main Focus!

Hello Honeybees,

I was scanning through my poetry notebook and I came across some notes that I had taken while having a conversation with my mother. After rereading the notes, I thought it would make a great post. I feel like everyone needs to hear this at least once in their lifetime. This is now something that I live by.

Topic: Never let anyone’s “you are” be greater than your “I am”.

  • Meaning, you are so invested in who people think you are that you lose sight and forget who you are yourself.
  • You should be so invested in yourself that what or who people think you are doesn’t even matter.
  • What people think and/or say about you is irrelevant and none of YOUR business so go ahead and sip your tea…
  • You should be 100% focused on YOU. No one else really matters. That’s what’s important.

Just some positive light that need to be shed on a few souls. Feel free to comment opinions and shared thoughts. Don’t be shy!  Until next time…


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