The Infamous Romper

“The Confidence That Comes From Being Well-Dressed Is Immeasurable.”

Hello HoneyBees,

So I bought a romper from Charlotte Russe last year towards the end of summer. Now ladies, we all have those moments where we think something is a “Must Have” in the store but once we make the purchase then get home we’re not as in love with the purchase as we were in the store…

This is the story behind my infamous romper. The pattern is unique and I loved it. When I finally got home and tried it on I absolutely hated it! I really wanted to return it but for some reason I didn’t. Throughout the year I picked up the romper many times and just never got the courage to wear the thing.

Almost a full year later I needed a second outfit to take pictures in and just grabbed the romper really because it would make the wardrobe change quick. When I finally put it on and looked in the mirror I loved it all over again!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This outfit made me feel so good and these pictures made it even better! until next time HoneyBees!!

~ Sincerely,


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