Him .

I thought I knew Happiness until I met you. It was then that I realized I hadn’t even met him yet. I met a man that wanted to be him. Someone who carried all his traits but still was not him. I was Fooled.

Making me question all the things I thought I’ve felt before. When In actuality I never felt. Being in love with the idea of love and all of the things that it could be, I still never felt. Just forced myself to believe that this was it.

And when he finally looked me in my eyes, the real one, he was unrecognizable. He stared at me. Signaling me to let him in. But I was fooled once and will not be fooled again. He took my hands in his and made me feel. Many things I had never felt before.

This Time I knew…

It  was him..

Real Happiness had touched my soul and for the first time I can feel.
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